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June 30, 2018 - GCH Woodland's Forrest Fire is awarded a Sporting Group 2 under Judge Thora Brown, with Gina Currier at his lead!!
Welcome to Woodland Brittanys. We believe in the dual concept, that Brittanys should excel in both the field and the show ring, and to that end, we concentrate on proving our dogs in both venues.

Brittanys are a medium-sized dog of about 30-40 pounds, 17 1/2 - 20 1/2 inches at the withers, are natural pointers and excellent retrievers who make great hunting companions.

Don't let all this hunting talk scare you! They are extremely people-oriented dogs who make wonderful pets for active, outdoorsy families and get along well with other dogs. They are incredibly smart dogs, most are easily trained, but they do require daily exercise. Without an outlet for their wonderful energy, both dog and owner will be extremely unhappy. A couple of walks around the neighborhood just isn't enough for most Brittanys, so a fenced yard is a must for a Brittany pup.

Their coats are "wash and wear", and require a quick brushing on a daily basis to keep the shedding down (yes, they do shed), and to prevent mats in their feathering. Brittanys come in orange and white, liver and white (dark brown), both in clear and roan, and tri-color, which is a liver and white dog with classic orange marking on the eye brows, muzzle, nose, under the ears, under the tail and orange freckles on the lower legs.

If you've decided that a Brittany is definitely the breed for you, please consider adopting an adult dog from American Brittany Rescue.


Woodland Brittanys
Karen & John Schramm
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